Most online marketers who utilize social media as their marketing strategy must have heard about video marketing. But most of them probably do not well versed about how to use it to its full potential. But, did you know that video marketing has now become the most popular and most used method to market your products or your brand. By using social media that holds video such as Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo, and can embed it literally everywhere, from desktop to mobile, most of the users can view it anywhere and anytime they like. It is very convenient both users and as well as marketers.


A good video marketing can give you positive outcomes, it can help you and your company a good reputation in the internet as well as giving the great impression for your business and your product branding. With intense video marketing by putting your marketing video on a weekly or even daily basis, through social media such as YouTube, you could get a considerable amount of visitors and let them know about your business and product. In this article, we will talk through about online video marketing and how to do it the right way. Using a video as marketing is essential in expanding any business. Thus, publishing your video online needs a little bit of strategy behind it:



Title is essential in your video. It should be engaging but try to avoid any “click bait” on the title. Most of the users try to named their video title to make more people interested in clicking, but nothing in the video that described the title. This is called click bait. Its just a way to persuade people to click to your video. This is not good as they will bad commenting you for incorrect video title. Make sure you put an appropriate title that shortly described your video.



Your content should be informative. Do not try to sell your products, but try to educate the viewers while bringing in your products in and how do they benefits compared to the regular method. This way the viewers know how and could compare between the two and judge it by themselves. Your content should be valuable and short as well. In recent research, people tend to view video in 5-15 minutes of duration. In fact, viewers will not even bothered to watch the full video and try to find another one if they found out the length of the video is more than 1 hour. Content is the king in this matter.



This is the best part. Try to put your targeted keywords into your video title as well as your video description. This will help Google to understand better what is your video is by looking at your title and your description. If you need to, you can add some more keywords to the video tag as well. Make sure its relevant, otherwise it would not work.


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