Whether you are a business owner or an employee, its a good advancement if you are trained to become better at what you do. Especially business owners, who relies on the employees and they play a vital role in the company functions. Without employees, the business can not run properly and doom to collapse. If you compare, a company that trains their employees with the right skills and directions will do great progression and most likely succeed compared to the ones that do not putting some effort to train their employees. Any business owners who valued their company and of course, their employees will see the benefits in implementing training program that will enhance the overall company process.


First of all lets do our basic and most fundamental aspects in human resources: choosing and recruiting the best possible employee out there. It is generally a good start if you find and recruit the best person suitable for the job, but we think that the most important thing is the attitude. Willingness to learn and be able to learn fast is essential. It means that the person can be trained and able to grow along with the company. After you have selected the best team for your company, you need to trained them to fit the setting of your company. Because we believe, even the best employee needs to be properly trained to a particular workflow, setting, and specific skills that are required inside your business.


Most of the business owners like to put new employee straight into the work and get in touch with the team, to get them to pick up the pace as quickly as possible. This is because the company probably have their excellent team behind it and they are ready to welcome new employees and teach them. This is good as well because the new employee can get to know each other very well in a short time. But in some cases this is not the best solution. The company should have an employee development course specifically for the new employee teaching on how your company business model, the workflow, and the general rules that needs to be understand. Although it requires you to put a bit of funding to the human resource department for them to devise a sets of plans and courses for the employees to be ready to work. Do remember that specialized training is essential for all employees.


There are also training programs that are provided by professionals to enhance their technical skills or their soft skills such as personal development and motivational speeches. Although it may costs more than in-house training, your employees can gain more from this type of training and help them to enhance their personal skills. Now that you know the importance of employee training, its best for you to implement it progressively one by one, by doing this will help you to enhance the productivity of your employees which may lead to advancement of your business.


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