There are over 1.4 billion Android users worldwide and the number is still growing overtime. It is one of the most popular operating system in mobile device. With this increasing amount, more and more developers are focus on creating an application based on Android operating system. With this in mind, Samsung, created the world’s first Android-based Multifunction Printers or MFPs. This groundbreaking MFPs has helped many Small Medium Businesses (SMBs) to increase their efficiency and faster workflows. 


Android Printing for Business

The first of their kind, this MFP that all Samsung Printing MultiXpress Series has used Android as their operating system embedded in their tablet display, this features makes them more versatile, easy to use, and independent for all business uses and environments.

This tablet display, with 10.1″ touchscreen panel has many features; you can access the web browsers, notes, emails, images, to maps and other types of document and print directly, without the need to connect or command through PC or server. This improves the workflow, easy to use, and works very natural because it acts similar like smartphones. This ability is enhanced with the editing tools that MFP has. You can directly preview the document, edit or annotate documents before you proceed with the printing.


The Android Cloud

As businesses will be geared towards the digital realm, we need to shift ourselves and embracing the change. with MFPs that Samsung MultiXpress has, it can utilize the cloud for easy access to files and Google’s Cloud Application to edit and preview the documents. This will increase the business opportunities because it can access different documents and do several tasks at once. This ability for access can also be downloaded through your mobile and has the full features in it.


Consider Using the Samsung MultiXpress!

Having an Android based Samsung Printing Solutions MFP will definitely improve your efficiencies, reduce costs, lower learning curve, and much more higher accessibility. Its worth considering to add Samsung MultiXpress Printer in your office.