Antivirus is essential to have it installed in your computer. In my opinion, Antivirus is the first thing you would want to run after installing your basic Operating System and before connecting to the internet or even external drives. A fresh copy of operating system with the newest antivirus software before you go browsing the web or interacting with external devices, is the safest thing you can do.


First of all we need to understand the definition of software. Software is set of instructions called functions to work together to achieve one or more goals in electronic devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, or even your printer. Thus, an antivirus software is a several sets of functions that programmed to help you protecting your computer from virus infection and helps you removing the virus that is already inside your computer.


With the numerous ways for a computer to exchange the data between devices, there are a lot of ways for the virus to enter your computer as well. You have to remember, if there is a way for a device to send or receive the data, the virus also can penetrate that device too. Because virus is actually is a sets of instruction, similar to software, which uses data too to operate.


The first way for the virus to enter your computer is through external devices. From diskette, flash disk, memory cards such as SD, micro, to nano or even your hard disk. In past years, where internet is still scarce, this external peripherals are the main ways for the virus to infecting your computer. When you are connecting your external drive which has a virus in it into your computer, then your computer most likely be infected with that virus.


Another way for your computer to get infected is through internet, when you trying to browse without installing an antivirus, there will be more chance for you to get infected. If you do not browse the internet intelligently, threat viruses such as Trojan, malware, or worms might affecting your computer. By using your computer resources, these viruses might slow your computer down, injecting some files into your computer, hiding important files, or even doing unnatural behavior.


Because of those reasons, we do need some protection for our computer. Most of the important reasons, they can hijack your computer, encrypt the data, and make you pay to restore it or even worse,  these viruses can completely broke your computer or laptop to a point where you can not use it again. In antivirus internet security can help you prevent these attacks and viruses by intercepting the data transmission between you and the internet. They will check whether you bring along the infected data to your computer, and warns you to delete these type of files.


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