It has been a roller coaster ride for the projectors trend in the recent years. At the early years of computing, projectors are an excellent way to present your work, presentation, or pitching. Using two popular ways of presenting such as video and data, these projectors is a must have on all organizations such as companies, schools, and universities. As the technology growing fast, these kinds of projectors were rarely used because of the growing file types of data presentation, which projectors were not able to show it.


Nowadays, the projectors are growing up again in trend because of the wide range of multimedia they support, even today, they called it the multimedia projectors for such reasons. Those became so popular, you can find them everywhere, from conference rooms, to schools, workplaces, advertising media, to home theater systems in your house for watching high definition videos. It became the standard and must-have equipment for all business types.


Lets take a dive going to dig deeper into this type of projector, but first lets take a look at the multimedia itself. The multimedia in the projector means that these projectors are able to fully support wide range of medias or you can say a selections of material source. The multimedia part can handle such as analog data, digital data from any video types, different type of signals such as Bluetooth and WiFi, many kinds of input from wired ones such as computers, laptops, to the wireless ones such as tables and even your smartphones.


The multimedia projectors also support different kinds of video resolutions, from SVGA models ranging from 480p to 1080p to WUXGA+ which has a resolution of 1920×1200. Recent projectors, have fully support DVI, HDMI inputs and the new technology on trend, the Blu-Ray players, as well as the older VGA port and S-videos. Even the built-in speakers and USB input also supported. Other more expensive ones even have their own built-in interfaces so you do not need to plug in your computer or other players, you can just plug in your USB, and the projectors file browser will help you to select which media you want to play. Their built-in interfaces also have the internet browsers so you can stream any videos just using an internet.


Modern multimedia projectors is a great addition for your company business. They are designed to be useful in many ways. From ordinary presentations, interactive meetings, training sessions, to winning your sales pitch. Multimedia projectors is a great investments for your office, and we, Axcel Office Solutions is able to provide you with the best office hardware and software supplies! We will help you to provide copier machine, projectors, and even 3D printers for your seamless production and presentation! Contact us for more information.