Printer is one of the most essential tool that you need to have in your company. In fact, every company should have one because it helps a lot of documenting your work and paper still considered as a legitimate proof for so many deals and agreements.


Being as one of the most used tool in the company, having issues with your printer can be a headache. Your entire workflow will slowed down and you might get frustrated when you want to print a document urgently and suddenly your printer lets you down. Even worse, you might want to call the printer vendor to troubleshoot the printer which takes more time than it should. So, in this blog, we will help you to troubleshoot your own office printer and give you several knowledge and tools to diagnose your printer problem and how to fix it by yourself.


Printer went really slow when printing.

When you are experiencing slow printing by a significant amount, probably its because of the printing settings on your computer. Try checking your printing preferences before you actually printing a document: the first thing that you need to check is the printing quality, the best quality will make your printer prints slowly and takes up more ink than it should.

If you want to print a copy of document  just for your personal work, its best to use a Fast Draft settings, this way will keep the printer prints faster and efficient on the ink usage. But its perfectly fine to change it to highest quality with colors settings, if you want to print something important and will want to show it to the client.


Printer Refuses to Print.

When the printer refuses to print, the most probable reason is the power issue. First thing you need to do is to check whether your printer is turned on or off. When its turned on, you also have to make sure when you are issuing the printing command, the printer does not turned off unexpectedly because of the short circuit. You need to check your power cable as well as your USB cable that connected to the computer. If you encounter these problems, do consider replacing your power adapter and USB cable with the new one.


Printer Uses too Many Ink.

We all know that printer ink is actually much more expensive than the printer itself. The cost of the printer ink is generally high and it gets really annoying if your printer consumes more ink than it should. There are several reasons to this problem. The first problem is the printing habit, try to reduce usage of color printing if not necessary, and use Fast Draft for personal use. This will greatly help to reduce the ink usage. Another way is to use your original ink cartridge. Do not try to use the third party ink cartridge because its a different mechanism on how they use their ink.


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