Mobile application is everywhere, it is unavoidable when smartphones has grown in popularity over the recent years. Business owners also need to take consideration expanding their territory to the smartphones and mobile world as well. We need to understand that almost every business types and verticals can be covered with mobile applications. While most startups managed to crawl up to be on the top with their mobile application, most of the mobile applications out there are not met with the basic standard even for their business. This may be due to certain things that they neglect during the mobile application process. In this article, we will cover you all the things that you need to highly consider when it comes to developing a mobile application.


Developed in Different Platforms at The Same Time

We do understand that you want to reach more of your consumer and users base by developing an application using too many platforms at the start, in Android or iOS for example. Although its good to be actively competing with other businesses, but you have to consider the minuses: You have to think about two different platforms requirements, focuses on their features on both, as well as making sure all the updates and changes in your app can be done simultaneously. We suggest that you need to research more on the biggest app market, develop one perfect and established application, then you can port it to another platform. This will help you focus on the business application functionalities rather than have to manage two different products altogether.


Same Function Different Way

Often times, you will see that most of the mobile application especially e-commerce website, is just another way of accessing all of their product using the mobile application. You can see there are no difference in terms of layout, look and feel, and even the feedback. This will confuse the customer because why do the store needs another e-commerce mobile app when they can easily access it through the website? The customers do not need to install and think about the security permission. Your mobile application should not be exactly like your website. Make the user have different interface and easiness of a mobile application rather than a replica. You need to have an engaging and informative information only delivered to your mobile.


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