Facebook is everywhere, no doubt about it. It has become one of the most biggest social media platform which has almost over 800 million of users active per day, Facebook has influenced internet world with their high domain authority. Nowadays, not just friends and relatives created their account in Facebook, but also Small Businesses and MNCs. It has become business portal to connect with their own customer circle. In this article, we will specify why Facebook is important in our business.


Facebook now offers a great way to market your business, because of their Business Page. If you are unaware of this, Facebook lets you create a personalized business page that can target wider audience which leads to bigger opportunities. Why is that so? Here is why:


Engage with your Customers

Interaction with your customers is important. Period. Facebook lets you to interact, chat, retrieve your business general information and share pictures, videos, and articles. Having a personal interaction between you and your customer increases your service quality by responding them quickly. It also helps your credibility and your presence knowing that your business is alive and running. This deep connection with your customers may lead to sales generation.


Reduce your Expenses on Marketing

Creating a Facebook business page is free. Facebook also a trust-able platform for you to increase your business presence and with many users going in and out of Facebook website, you can make sure that your Business is seen when you are using Facebook. When you are on a low budget on marketing side, consider on creating your Facebook business page and start managing your website.


Helps to boost your website SEO

As probably you do not get much traffic going in to your website and probably most people might visit Facebook on a daily basis, you can try to post your quality blogs or news and post it to your Facebook page. Linking it back to your website, users that visit your Facebook business page can click that and redirects to your website. This will increase the traffic that going into your website through Facebook. This also helps Google to crawl your website and lets Google knows that your website is active.


Running a business is tough in recent years, when the competition is high, most of the companies try to get as much presence through internet and social media. Facebook, the most popular social media right now, can help you promote and market your business with their Business Page. Consider to create one is not too late and totally free, so it worth to try!

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