With the growing use of internet these days and a lot of different kinds of websites that have been established, security is important. Especially today, where everyone rely more on internet to transact, exchange information and purchase something from websites, sensitive informations needs to be protected. Thus, more developers focus on how to secure the website to protect the transaction from being hacked and traced by other malicious third parties. SSL Certificates are the solution for this security enhancement. They offer a lot of advantages by encoding the data and make sure the authenticity and originality is persistent. These certificates also essential when you have an online payment systems in your website.


What is SSL?

SSL is the short for Secure Socket Layer. It is an additional network layer specifically designed for websites. To put simply, when a website is installed with SSL Certificate, all of the data route will go through this layer first to do some encryption and decryption checks before dispatched to the network, then SSL will create a connection between the server and the user to make sure the data is correct. This will ensures the data will not be tampered with third party and its authenticity is assured. This routes is specifically designed to handle sensitive information such as customer data, credit card information, payment transaction data, and so on.


What are the benefits?

The main feature of SSL Certificate is to encrypt the data that will be sent out to the intended server. These encrypted data can only be decrypted by to the end server who holds the key to decrypt the message and information. As you might know, the internet is consists of multiple computers linked together as a network. So, in order to protect the data from anyone who ‘sniff’ when the data travels between node, an encryption is needed. The browser sends the data, and the end server checks whether this provider is trusted or not. By this the server knows that this data is coming from the trusted source and the authenticity is assured.


If your company has a website, it is your responsibility to make sure that the users who go inside your website to be protected, have the feeling of safe and secure while browsing through your page. Axcel Office Solutions provide you with hardware and software for your company such as copier machine in Singapore, as well as Web development with SSL Certificate. Contact us for more information.