90% of people use the internet to search and find products they want to buy and the service they want to use. Now shopping can be done very easily within seconds by a few clicks on our mobile phones or tablets. Today smartphones are such powerful little gadgets and online shopping, checking out places, connecting with friends, finding partners… All these activities can now be carried out at our utmost convenience with just a few clicks on our mobile phones. Research shows that in the next five years the number of mobile internet users will surpass the number of people accessing it via their laptops or desktop computers. This phenomenon points to the importance of responsive web designing.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of websites depending on the screen size and orientation. Since people are using various devices to browse, web-based businesses need to ensure that their websites are compatible with different screens and devices. It makes the web pages more user-friendly and customers are more likely stay on them for longer periods of time. As responsive web designs are easier to maintain and optimize, the internet remains a viable option.


In responsive design, page elements reshuffle as the screen grows or shrinks. A three-column desktop design may reshuffle to two columns for a tablet and to a single column for a smartphone. Responsive design relies on proportion-based grids to re-arrange content and design elements.

To review site-level information on mobile-friendliness, users can use webmaster tool.



Google is all about user experience. Hence, mobile friendly pages have positive impact on Google’s ranking.  When people visit a website that is not user-friendly, navigation will be a nightmare and no one will be willing to spend the time to zoom in and out. But responsive design helps to dispose this mess through portable adaptations of web pages. Hence, it is favourable for Google ranking and it reduces SEO effects in half. With a responsive website, the changes you make are applied immediately across all viewing devices.

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