Microsoft Office 365 has become a popularity for the recent years to provide companies with complete office software solutions. Based on their website, Microsoft Office 365 or simply refers as “Office 365” is a set of applications and services that are hosted on the internet. There are two packages offered by Microsoft: Home and Business.


Most of the services are provided in the cloud as a service, Office 365 also comes with the desktop versions of famous Office applications such as: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Access. The good thing about these applications is the OS compatibility. Most of them can run perfectly on multiple device such as PCs, Macs, Android OS devices, and Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. Microsoft also make sure when you purchase the product, every applications will be up-to-date.


While they offered a lot on the application side, another great features of the product are its business services that will greatly beneficial for all companies, such as: Skype for Conference Video Call and Enterprise 365 Office e-mail. These two are the examples on why we should consider on using the Office 365 platform to help your company’s productivity. Here are some of another big reasons why you should utilize the 365 Office service:


Always on the Cloud. You do not have to worries about your data, because all of the service and Office 365 application capable on saving every work files and back it up in the cloud account of yours. So when your office is destroyed, or a fire disaster happened in your office and you lost all of your hardware, you can get it up running again with your previous work.


Security is their Concerns. as the cloud service increasing, the security no longer an issue. Office 365 offers the best security in their business with the long term support and development team to maintain the platform. You just have to focus on one thing, productivity. The platform also gives you the freedom and transparency where you saved the data and when you need it.


Mobile all the time. You do not have to be in the office to do you work. Working remotely has increasing and considered as a good direction in business nowadays. You can access your working files everywhere with any device that you have. All you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go. Mobility is important in any business.


Company’s best Organizer. Synchronized calendar, todos, contact management, email, add new activities and meetings for a group, all of these is a service that they provide to help you to manage your documents and business activities. Everything is centralized and everybody uses the same data, with the mobility in mind, you will never miss any news from your colleague and be on time every time.


Interested? You should! Because Office 365 is the software solutions for you. With all the pros, easiness, mobility, and security they provide, you do not have to think about other software that potentially could increase your monthly budget to run your company. Axcel Office Solutions can provide you with office supplies such as copier machine, 3D printer, as well as software such as web design, SEO as well as grant consultant. Contact Us for more information.