With the highly evolving and efficient technology, the cost for printer production can be reduced to a certain extent, where it affects the purchase price. The price of a printer now goes down to a great extent making it easier for home users to purchase it for their own personal use. But on the other side, the cost for the printer to get it up and running all the time also increasing. This is why the printer ink can be as much as expensive as the printer, and by far, printer ink is the most expensive among all the printer accessories. To help you to save your money when it comes to printer ink, we have a several ways of solutions, and here are our suggestions:


Buy original Printer Cartridges from the Manufacturer

This is the most expensive options available. If you have some extra money to spend for your printer, its good to have original printer cartridges installed in your printer. The main reason is because its reliable, trusted, and have the ability to fine tune the ink output. Another reason is that the original cartridges is accurate so it helps you if you want to print graphics and pictures.


Buy OEM Cartridges

This is much more cheaper than the original one but there are some drawbacks as well. The OEM one might not be compatible with your printer, unable to detect the status of your ink cartridge, and probably the output might be too much. If you want to just print black and white or just draft for your everyday use, you can go with the OEM cartridges. It can save you a lot of money.


Buy Ink Refill Kits

This is the cheapest way possible but you must have the knowledge how to refill your own ink cartridge. If you do not know how to do that, things might get broken and you could say goodbye to your printer. I would not recommend this method if you are not a tech savvy, or just a plain user. The cheapest one might getting you into pay more than you should.


Buying printer online also helps you to save your money. If you try to find several printer online dealers on the internet, some of them might have the options to send it directly to your house. With this method, it can also helps you with choosing the right brand, you can do your research on which is the cheapest and literally can save you a lot of money on travelling around the city.


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