Nowadays, with all the advanced technology, people prefer to have access all sorts of information in a mobile fashion where they can access it through their phone anywhere and anytime. Its the essence of mobility. Competition between companies is getting even stronger, especially in Singapore. While every single second is important for business owners, they also know the significance of technology and how it is important to have a mobile presence.


While they now know its importance, but it seems hard for the business owner to draw the line between native mobile applications and mobile web applications and how to pick between the two nature? In this article, we will show you the differences as those might help the business owner pick the right tool.



Mobile web app is just solely consist of several web pages that has been optimized for mobile viewer through their browser, they do not require you to install something on your phone and easily accessible using your laptops, mobile phones, or tablets. But mobile web app is heavily depended on internet access. On the other hand, native mobile app can be accessed without internet connectivity, but again it depends on the features of the app, if the function in the app requires you to connect with the internet then it will be all the same as mobile web app. Native web app also can easily be downloaded through your app store and you can have an easy access shortcut through your UI menu.



Before you start developing your mobile app, you should know your audience better because it reflects your business model. For example, lets just say a user wants to search for a best restaurant in the town, and be able to see their ratings, menus, lunch time, coupons, and reserving a table, they would prefer using the web browser. In fact, most of the users prefer using their mobile’s browser to shop, searching something, and leaving reviews, while users prefer using mobile native apps for their productivity, interactive games, and managing their own data. Be able to identify your market segments can help you to determine you next tool that you want to develop.



If you compared between the two, it looks like that mobile web application on a mobile browser is far cheaper and less cost than native mobile apps. Why? because of the development process speed, how easy to develop, can run on any Mobile operating system such as Android or iOS. But on the drawback it can be quite challenging when it comes to developing a much more complex app that requires certain features that probably browser lacks such as touch screen, gyroscope, or compass feature.


Thus it comes down to one simple question: So which one should I choose? It depends on the goals you want to achieve, if your business involving entertainment such as games and interactive media. But if your are looking for just a simple content for every audience can see without having to installing something on their device, go with the mobile web applications.


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