With more than 320 million active users, Twitter has become one of the biggest social media platform next to Facebook. Twitter can handles 1.6 billion queries everyday making them one of the ten most visited website on 2013 and titled as “SMS of the Internet”, Twitter also has become one of the largest source of breaking news on U.S. Presidency Election with more than 40 million tweets that day.


Their social media method is basically pretty simple, the user needs to create an account under Twitter, and the user can post a “tweet” which is a bit of information limited to just 140 characters and send it to others who have followed you account. In a nutshell, Twitter is micro-blogging site where you have to creatively post informative sentence within 140 characters and your friends and followers can directly see it in real time. The real question, can we utilize Twitter for business and use it to our advantage? The quick answer is, definitely yes and here we will show you how.


First thing, their nature which can post micro-blog easily can help you to market your business. It acts as web marketing strategy for SEO, you can post links directly to your website and increase your website traffic and lets the Twitter users know your nature and interest of business. You can post anything from blogs, products, and services, put a nice short message for users who do not have much time to browse any website. This is simple but effective method can generate leads and traffic to your company’s website, Great!


Twitter also provides you with the opportunity to find business partners, joint ventures, and affiliates, and expanding your networks to find clients or similar business types as you are right now. As information portal, Twitter traffic generated by the topic that you are writing and to those who are interested in what business category that you are in. If your content is engaging, chances are your tweet will be retweeted others, and you will gain your followers from there.


To make Twitter actually works as your marketing tool, you have to maintain it, so it does takes a lot of effort and time to build your profile and get recognized in Twitter. Just one tweet will not make any difference, you have to make your profile post tweets daily with interesting, appealing and engaging content that could possibly attract your potential customer. You also have to consider your home page too! Avoid any retweets that are unrelated and inappropriate so that it won’t displayed in your home page. Your profile page is also important, this is where you have to put your bio, your website URL, and your contact information, so you have to make adjustments and make sure it attracts a lot of users.


Although posting regular tweets every once in a while and stunning profile pages is good to increase traffic, There is another one good way to do your marketing in Twitter: customer engagement. You do not posting tweets like a robot, instead, you have to engage with the users who are interested in your products or services. Twitter allows you to reply and contact the user individually and get connected with them, possibly help them in any sort of ways.


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