iOS and Android, these two platform has been dominating the Mobile platform operating system for a very long time now. But the leading edge now leaned towards the Android because what capability they offered, for example, the OS developer can freely use the Android source code, modify, and release their own version of Android, its easier for mobile app developer to create their own program and release it in the Google Play, Another advantage is that, generally Android smartphones are cheaper than iOS one.


Based on the StatCounter GlobalStats statistics, Android leads the mobile OS staying at a 72% from last year to February 2017, iOS on the second place at around 18% while the rest of the platform such as Windows and Blackberry on the rest of the percentage. But why you still need to consider on developing on iOS or you still want to stick with Android? The choices can be vary: from your business market, key demographic, and how easy the development is, can be the decision on which. In this article, I will show you some of the pros and cons on both platforms.


Android OS

Huge Market Share and Users, According to Google Nexus, the number of persons using the Android smartphone reaching on a staggering 1.5 million active devices and its worldwide. Based on the statistics that we have showed you earlier, 72% market share which almost dominating the business market and become the leader of smartphone OS. Because of this, many businesses received high revenue by developing an application on Android OS.

Based on Linux platform and open source software license. These make the developer can easily download the source code, modify and publish their own OS. Hence, there are so many free applications offered in the Google Play, makes it cost less compared to iOS.

Android iOS is easier to develop. Complete documentation, huge user base, support and libraries makes Android is a great place to start learning the mobile development app. While the libraries included in the SDK are already complete, you can easily plug in third party libraries and learn through their documentation. According to professionals, the learning curve of learning Java and Android is easier than any other platforms.



Less Development Time, compared to Android the development time of iOS is two to three times faster than any other platform. The development of iOS quite straight forward, if you are looking for a nice standard library and interface of iOS you can easily develop it in no time.

High Quality App, The App Store ensures every application that was published in the iTunes App Store is up to their Apples’ standard and policy, they do not compromise quality which makes the iOS developers are striving to create the application based on their high quality standard.

Higher Salary, Yes, iOS developers generally have more salary than the Android developers, its because iOS app on App Store generates much more revenue compared to applications that published in Google Play.


Mobile app is essential, its worth considering to help you reach out your customers to provide service, information, and allows you to promote through mobile world. if you are looking for a mobile app developer, let us know or drop us an enquiry.