If you are thinking about creating a website for your company, or maybe redesigning the whole website, several things that needs to be consider. Because your website is important, it helps you attract new customers, generate new leads, and of course, it affects your company’s liability.

Your website is the the front door to your company’s profile so its best to optimize it for better understanding for the users. A good website will eventually help you to run your business.

So, here are the essential list for user-friendly website:

Domain name is important!

A clear website address is important, find a name that closely related to your company’s name, or a name that is easily remember for the user. Avoid using long name for the website address as it is may confuse the users. For example: myindustrialexcellentcompany.com may hard to remember and sounds unprofessional. Another point that needs to be emphasize is the TLD. Although .com might serve you well, using the country TLD such as .sg or .uk will greatly improve the understanding where your company’s base operation, even without having to access your website.


Secure web hosting.

nothing is worse than having your website hacked by someone or even your competitors. This event might scare off the upcoming users who visited your website thus reducing the chance for a lead. Roughly, there are 30,000 website hacked every day on average and you definitely do not want your website in the list. Secure website will also increase the visibility to Google search engine and give your customer a sense of security so that they can safely put their personal information into your website.


Create a better, concise, and clear explanation of what your company is.

You have to represent your company in the first page of your website. The term landing page often used for this. Landing page will be the first content that the users that visited your website see. So its very important for the users to know what you do and it matches with the users searched for. This landing page should interactive and informative enough so the users will have a longer browsing time in your website.


Simple web navigation and menu.

Pretty straightforward, because most of the users do not like to search what they are looking for inside your website. Make sure you have everything they need in just a simple few clicks to reach the information they want. Most of the users are too lazy to browse a three-tier menu, because it will look too complicated and not easily remember by the users.


Contact information that can be easily found.

Another critical point, is the contact information. Make sure you always put your contact information as easy as possible to let the users to get in touch with you. Website is just a portal, a “bridge” from your company to your future customer, so make sure to utilize this portal and let the upcoming users easily cross that “bridge” and get to know your company more. A Google Maps, contact information such as address, telephone, fax and a contact form are the must-haves element in your website.


SEO friendly content.

Almost most of the internet users search what are they looking for through Google so its best for you to have this visibility in the Google search engine page. if you understand a little bit of google algorithm to determine a ‘good’ website, you might get a good visibility in the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). and more users would want to visit your website.


User friendly design.

Design your website so that it would be easily to navigate, to read through all the contents, without any contrasting colors between the background and the paragraphs, organize the content so that its readable and easy to scan, put the necessary header title that is related to the content below it. Use bulleted icons for any points information. Highlights any important words and phrases, create a links for complicated words, any of these will greatly improve the time spend for the users to stay in the website.