Every website must have a landing page (which is its homepage) and it is the key entrance to other pages of the website.

Since every website owners need to improve their conversion rate, we cannot neglect its importance especially in terms of website visibility in different search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla Firefox etc.)

Reasons as to why the landing page is so important are given below.

Every website owners want to increase the organic traffic to their website. But when customers visit a website and there is no proper landing page it will be difficult for customers to go to the required web page. It may cause the customers to become fed up and exit the website. If this happens, it has a negative effect on your website’s SEO.

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Your website has to display products or services that your company is able to provide. A landing page helps to lead your customers to your services or product pages. Hence, they can make their choices based on their needs and make the necessary purchases.

A proper landing page will help you to lower the cost of advertising as you can use your home page as promotional page for promoting your business. Most landing pages provide a small description about your business and for e-commerce business owners you can use your home page to promote your products .You can use sliding banners on the home page to advertise new products or to show new promotions which are visible on your website.  A proper landing page always leads visitors to the required page and provides good service that makes them happy.

Landing pages have an important role in increasing visibility of websites via search engines.  Landing pages are often linked to social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns to enhance effectiveness of the advertisements. If websites are beautifully designed and have user-friendly home pages, then all visitors will be bought in by the services or products on offer and can be converted to sales leads.