What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the term used to refer to the practice companies use to manage data and interaction to improve business relationships with their customers. By using CRM software, companies can combine all information pertaining to their customers in a single database for easy access and management. It also helps to keep track of customer activity such as visits to websites, phone calls etc.

The main goal of CRM is to enhance and improve the company’s relationships with their customers and thus improve business dealings.

It is an effective tool for companies to use to manage interactions with their customers and keep detailed summary of customers’ purchase history (i.e. dates of purchases, quantities of purchases and terms of purchases etc.). One critical advantage CRM offers is that it helps you to convert potential leads into opportunities and is essential to achieving good business, increased sales, improved customer service and good customer relations.

The smartly designed interface is user friendly and one can customise aspects of the salesforce account even though he or she does not have high-end programming skills. Some of the features include customisable dashboard, tasks, calendar and activity feeds etc.

CRM does not only keep track of one’s information but also brings more business to the company helping to save on time and budget. This allows the sales personnel to be more efficient at their jobs.


When one chooses the right CRM, it can play a big role in the companies’ success. Since there are many different ways that one can use CRM, the following could be some of the considerations that one can think through: why one’s business need a CRM software? How a CRM software can help to enhance business in one’s company? What features one wants in a CRM software? etc.

Various studies have shown that companies that had implemented CRM solutions experienced significant improvements in their customer service numbers, retention and satisfaction.

Even for small business owners or freelancers, one can use CRM to target customers by choosing softwares that have more favourable features to enhance their businesses. Implementing CRM softwares will help one to save time on customer communication. Other key factures are ease of customisation, ease of use, access via mobile, being cloud-based and enhanced security.