With the significant growing use of mobile smartphones these past few years and the advancing technologies used behind those big smartphones companies, more and more developers are competing to create applications to utilize its features. More importantly, many companies are trying to create mobile applications for their customers as well. Because of these reasons, many applications now published in the App Store each with their own types and categories. The competition is getting very high these days because there are 2 million applications that are available at the App Store and you have to realize more than 50% of application are found using the search option in the application.


The next big question is how do you find your published application for the public to use? Even though you have created a magnificent application, it does not mean that the application can be visible immediately. Your application will probably invisible because of these highly competitive marketplace and you have to compete with other already-established applications. Thus, you need a certain SEO strategies in the App Store. Yes, by now you should realize that even App Store have their own search engine and its own search algorithm.


The term for search engine optimization for App store is ASO. Short for App Store Optimization, it is very similar to Search Engine Optimization but this one is specifically for mobile applications. It is a strategic process consisting of several methods or tasks to make your application visible in the app store, if the user typed a certain keyword in the search function. The goal for these tasks is to improve the chance of your application will be displayed in the search result. So here are the list of things that you need to consider when it comes to optimizing your application in the ASO:


Put a Name to Your Application

Your name of the app should be catchy and if possible, must be related to your service and main feature you provide. It is a really important factor and could be daunting when it comes to picking the right name of your app. Shorter name would work best because can be directly viewed from smaller size screen. Consider adding one or two keywords that are relevant, but using different words.


Add an App Description

Second most important thing. Description is crucial to any mobile application. Make sure you have an appropriate description as well as inviting words so that the user knows what is your application and what it can do. Do not forget to put in several keywords in the description as it might increase the search visibility. If the user do not know what your application is, they tend to look for something else and do not bother to install it on their smartphone.


Put Several Screenshots of Features from Your App

Pictures say a lot more than words. A screenshot makes the user knows what they are expect in your application, a better UI is preferable when it comes to mobile application. Try to put a high definition images to give the user a quick idea on how the application works.



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