Cloud computing is the hottest trending right now in the IT world. Every companies are moving forward their business towards cloud computing and embracing the change by developing their application utilising the power of cloud computing. The main reason why most of the IT companies are shifting their infrastructure to cloud is because of the cost. For your information cloud computing can help you reduce your costs to a 20% to 30% less than using your local servers. Either you are using the direct way by engaging the Google or Amazon service.


For your basic information, cloud computing refers to the way of storing information over the internet or cloud storage and save it on their service’s server, this will save your space on your computer’s hard drive, thus you do not have to purchase extra internal or external hard disk to store your gigabytes of data. We have been using it for such a long time we just do not realise it, for example, updating status on your Facebook account, accessing your account balance on your phone, etc.


With cloud computing you can have your application installed in a server, whereby you can directly access it and use it using only just internet. You can access your work anytime and anywhere. There are a lot of vendors with a lot of different type of cloud computing service they can offer, some of the services are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). These services utilise cloud computing in a different kind of way, which you need to study more on what service that you want to use for your company.


We will now explain more on why do you need cloud computing and its benefits. Firstly, by using cloud computing, you can cutting the maintenance cost. You do not need for your employee to check your server regularly or coming down to your office when the server is down. The employee can just work and debug, access the application over the internet. It can be done anywhere and anytime. Secondly, cloud computing also helps you with collaborating with other co-worker. They can share data, combining, or even working on one file with two or more collaborators at a time. They can access the file at different places and then share the data with other authorities. Last but not least, cloud computing allows you to experiment with the service and pick the best options for your business. Leveraging the cloud computing with just the service that you need and utilise it well, can help you greatly in cutting cost and efficiency.


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