Nowadays, technology is changing day by day and we can see that there are an increasing number of inventions which improve the quality of our lives. One such invention is the interactive projector which is a smart technology encompassing a number of solutions that enables the user to interact actively. It’s wonderful features makes it an essential device for both business and education

One interesting feature is that you can turn any wall into an interactive whiteboard and allows for interaction from anywhere in the classroom.


3Wireless interactive pen

The key feature of an interactive projector is its special wireless interactive pen, which helps the presenter to interact with the projected image from up to 25 feet away. Some interactive projectors come with dual pen support which helps two users to write simultaneously. Users can electronically annotate documents from any source without the use of a computer. They are able to scroll, press and tap, pinch in/out and rotate images using only their fingers, even when projected via wireless.

By using a whiteboard share function, users can share or project content from the participants’ PC or any other devices via a single URL. Connecting more devices will help all participants to play an active role during meetings.



Interactive projectors also help to eliminate shadow effects which are experienced from conventional projectors. Light from interactive projectors are less distracting and barely touches Presenters and hence it will be a pleasant experience for them as well as the rest of the participants.


4 By using a single computer as moderator, up to 50 terminals can be connected via the PC projection from a single projector and the moderator can select media from up to 4 terminals to be projected simultaneously. The moderator maintains the control over the all connected terminals. Some interactive projectors allow user generated information to be captured, replayed, printed or copied with or without the original projected image.

Other important features

  • Cost effective – no special display screen needed
  • No calibration required when projector moves
  • High Image quality
  • Simple to set up and operate.