In the traditional days we used projectors for presentation pose distraction and limitations, such as dazzling glare, dim visibility and low image quality. With Samsung Magic Interactive Whiteboard it deliver rich content and interactivity to meeting rooms or classrooms. The display technology provide exciting options for information sharing in educational and business applications. Businesses and educational facilities are adopting touch display technology to improve learning and provide high quality and effective presentations.

As business want to decrease budgets, the need to find cost saving methods of teaching and sharing information increases. Samsung Magic Interactive White Board offers a longer life span and reduced need for maintenance compared with traditional projectors.

The Samsung Interactive White Board solutions enhance interaction and collaboration with the following benefits:


Distraction-free presentations

Keep the audience focus on the presentation, not the equipment delivering it. Samsung Magic Interactive White Board enhance audience engagement during the presentations without distracting audience with the traditional distracting projectors. Viewer enjoy high quality clear image without blur or glare when they are doing note-taking.


Empower interactivity between presenters and audiences

Connect presenters’ and audiences’ individual devices to empower interactive communication with Magic Interactive Whiteboard Manager software. With feature that allows them to share files and other materials with audience devices.

Sharing is even possible when the devices are in separate locations, for efficient communication with those participants that cannot be physically present. Presenters can also control attendees’ devices during sessions to further enhance the presentation.


Deliver dynamic content

Presentations can be enhanced with a variety of content using PowerPoint, images, videos and Adobe Flash® animations for a more dynamic presentation. The whiteboard can also be used as a notebook device or for drawing functions using an assortment of pen styles and colors for added functionality.