Web design is essential to any business. Its now, as one of the most hottest job in IT industry. You can safely say that web design is where art meets technology. Its a way to represent your company, your business, your products, or your personal self. Its a form of art of delivering a trust able message as well as brand your company, an art of feeling secure about the look and feel about your website.


When it comes to Web or Software design, there are two main studies: User Interface and User Experience. These two aspects play important role in web designing, most of the company put an extra manpower just to research on these topics, because they believe that good UI and UX make the user to spend more on the software/website and make them feel better to use it. What user want is simplicity and UI and UX designers are striving to translate complicated process of backend to easy to operate frontend.


What user want is simple navigation and clean design for their website. In fact, almost every clients or companies just want their website to be just as simple design that proven to be powerful, calming, without giving too much information to overwhelmed the user. So in this article, we try to give you some ways and specify the components to have a good simple design, with the right look and functionality for your website:


Design on Purpose

Creating website is not just designing without thinking about the goal, especially the business goal that the company want to achieve. You have to better understand about their business nature, what are their products, proper understand their logo, and create a design to match those personalities without ignoring the fundamental part: impress the users who visit their website and make them stay longer inside your website.


Feedback is Important

the most frustrating part is when I tried to fill out a form in a website and submits it, there is no feedback about whether I have successfully submit the form or did I failed it. Same goes when I tried to access some information in a website and it just goes blank without a proper error handling or warning that this page cannot loads. UX designers have fully emphasize about how important feedback is to the user and you need to as well. It helps the users to understand what is happening.


Picking a Color Palette that is Suitable

Nothing more important than picking suitable colors for your website. It helps you to convey the message to the users. Different colors creates different feeling to the users. Dark and greyish color can be frustrating and depressing, but if you combine carefully, can create a professional looking to your website. Vibrant colors also helps you to add emotions to your website, while complementary colors creates a balanced and lets the users not too tired looking at your website.


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