What is Biometric System?

In general, biometrics is the use of any biological parts and convert it as a digital representation of the data. In more detailed way, the biometric refers to the matrix coordinate mapping of our body characteristics. Because every human characteristics is different from one to another, the biometric identifiers records this data and used it to identify these measurable characteristics to describe and label a person. Biometric identifiers that uses the physical measures the shape of the body and mapping it into the system, the body parts that usually used for biometric identifiers are: fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina and odor / scent. By using this biometric method to identify a person it is far more reliable than any knowledge gathering verification methods, however the collection of personal information might raise a problem such as privacy and how this information will be used. The biometric system itself is a technology that utilizes the biometric data from a person and use it to identify particular person.



So, what it is used for?

There are so many applications that can be utilized using the biometric system. In today’s application, the biometric system are exclusively used for identification of humans and improved security system, here are the uses of biometric system in our daily life:

  1. Locks, biometric system can be used for locking the doors, safe, or even car doors as well as to authenticate which is the particular person can has access to open the door. This biometric system is far more superior than the traditional key or card, as those can easily be lost or duplicated.
  2. Law Enforcement, whether using voice and face recognition or fingerprint, the biometric system has a lot of beneficial result. It can tracks wanted person, identify the victims or murderer, to such simple things like national citizenship identification database.
  3. User Access Control / Uses for Mobile Devices, most of the mobile devices technology like smartphones and tablets nowadays has been equipped with the fingerprint, and/or face and retina recognition for authentication or identification, this will further increase the protection of the mobile devices to prevent such theft to happen. They can also used this as a mobile wallets that lets the user to pay goods and services easily at the point-of-sales counter.
  4. Healthcare, biometrics can be used as an accurate health record for particular person because a simple mistake can mean such reputation and enable health fraud. With biometrics system, the doctors and health experts can access the patients documents more accurate and fast.
  5. Attendance System, while the punch cards have exist for a very long time, the biometrics system will replace this old yet inaccurate method of employee attendance tracking, because this system cannot track you exactly where you are, for example, the coworkers can easily punched the card for you while you can spend your time elsewhere. The biometrics system will solve all of this, because it needs your fingerprint to insert the time and date for attendance record and this is very accurate timing too. When the shift is over, they can ‘tapped’ out and the system will records the total working time for the employee. This will ensure we have a cleaner records and more reliable workers.


The biometric system from governments, businesses, organizations, even to our personal uses, it has became part of our everyday life. While all the controversy about privacy, the technology has helped us with more advanced security and better life.