Blog is the important part of the website. If your website has a blog functionality, high chance that you want to draw as many traffic as you want if possible. Whether its a personal blogging or for your corporate business website, the traffic to your blog is simply important for the Google to recognize your website and it helps you to rank your website too! The following list of 5 ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Target Specific Keywords to Increase Traffic

The first thing is you want to target a specific keywords for each of your post. This will attract users to your blog and will bring readers who are interested in the topic to read and will make longer time in your website. This also will greatly boost your Google SERP rank because your blog is focused on your targeted keywords.

Make It Interesting

Most of the readers want to read blog that has depth and meaningful information in it. Make sure you get the point with the writing that not too short, but long enough to make it interesting. Another point, is to create the interesting and enticing topic in your collection. Make sure your blog post informative enough so the readers can share the information through social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Weekly Update your Blog

No readers or users would want to visit an outdated website with a collection of old news. By keeping your blog update on a regular basis, you keep your potential readers and users coming to your website, and loyal users to regularly check your website for any news. These constant updates will also help Google to understand your business and know that your website is live.

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Post Your Link throughout the Internet

After the constant update, there is another way to increase the traffic to your website and Google SEO is to post your blog post to every social media links. The more social media links you have, make it even more powerful. This social media external links will help Google knows the importance of your website and to get users connected to your website.

Put Some Interesting Images

Images are powerful tools to better understand what your post is. Images let the users know the point of your post visually without having to read everything inside your post. Google SEO will also give a plus value if you embed other medias such as Videos and sounds. But make sure you put the right filename because Google can not read pictures or videos!