The printing industry has seen many advancements in the last decade. Samsung has been keeping up with the trends and recognizes that productivity is one of the top factors in businesses’ purchase decisions. Here are 4 of the unique features of Samsung’s copier machines that improve productivity at your workplace.

It’s as easy as using a tablet

With the Smart UX Center powered by Android, using a Samsung copier machine is as simple as using a tablet. The Samsung user interface is similar to that of smartphones and tablets and will be easy to familiarize among mobile users, debunking the notion that copier machines are difficult to handle. Coupled with its intuitiveness, users can expect easy navigation and accessibility, made possible by creating shortcuts and widgets in the home page. With these, users will find that Samsung copier machines create an efficient workflow, saving precious time for more important work.


Smart UX Center powered by Android

Samsung copier machines provide high speed without sacrificing quality

The 1.5 GHz dual core processor working within a Samsung copier machine enables it to work 2 times faster, processing your printing tasks much more efficiently. Copier machines can print up to 30 pages per minute without sacrificing quality, which allows users to not only maximize their time but also be satisfied with high-quality print jobs. Selected copier machines also provide dual scanning services which allow users to scan both sides of a document simultaneously, thus eliminating repetitive work. As our copier machines work fast, you wait less.


MultiXpress SL-X4220RX, one of our copier machines with 1.5 GHz dual core processor

Users can now enjoy mobile printing

NFC-enabled copier machines allow for mobile printing which can increase workplace efficiency with Samsung’s upgraded NFC technology. It boasts an easy wireless setup and device cloning functions for when users wish to standardize functions across their copier machines. Users can now fax, print, scan and copy more conveniently, contributing to an optimized workflow. NFC-enabled copier machines purposefully integrate solutions in a modern work environment to eliminate unnecessary hassles.


Functions of an NFC-enabled copier machine

Comprehensive diagnostic system on board Samsung copier machines

Gone are the days when you can’t figure out what is wrong with your copier machine. Samsung’s Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS) identifies printing issues and provides step-by-step guides on the Samsung Smart Service App to resolve those issues. It’s easy to use and reduces the need for a third-party servicer. By simplifying the diagnosing and repairing process, it allows users to be more competent with handling the copier machines and also frees up time to take care of more important tasks.


With SPDS, you can refer to step-by-step guides on your smartphone

Transform your workplace for the better with Samsung copier machines.