The Axcel team went down to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home on a Sunday morning to pay a visit to the elderly. We had a couple of activities planned for them, such as catering food and organizing a sing-along session. Being our second time volunteering at an old folks’ home, we were familiar with our roles and looked forward to having another engaging session with the old folks.

Serving food to the elderly may seem like a menial task, but it definitely isn’t boring. The uncles and aunties were more than willing to talk to us when we made small talk with them. They told us how they enjoyed the food and some of them were quite chatty, which made interacting with them easy and enjoyable. Seeing the smiles on their faces made it all the more meaningful.


A different way to start the day!

Then came the highlight of our visit: the sing-along session! We intentionally prepared popular songs during their time to sing so that it would breed familiarity among them and make them more open to participating. Indeed, some of them knew the songs and sang along when we passed them the microphone. To keep up the upbeat atmosphere, we clapped along and cheered them on. When some of the old folks’ requested songs, we tried our best to sing along although it proved to be quite difficult for those of us who were unfamiliar with Hokkien songs. But as long as the old folks were enjoying themselves, it didn’t matter that we stumbled over a few lyrics.


Time for a sing-along session!

At the end of our visit, we gave out the goodie bags we prepared for them and thanked them for their company. We would like to thank Mark and Ivan of Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home for coordinating with us, the nurses there who were very helpful, the organizing committee at Axcel who made this possible and of course, the lovely old folks. The Axcel team believes in doing our part for the community and what better way is there to serve the pioneer generation who has made Singapore a better place to live in? We look forward to our next visit!


The Axcel team