Brand awareness always a thing. Especially when you are working with the clothing, restaurant or cafe, or gadget company. Its a way to let the customers know that your brand is everywhere and trustable. While nowadays there is a lot of social media platforms in the internet, we should take advantage of it and spread our brand through social media marketing. There will be a lot of struggle and effort to make your brand bigger and get known in the market. To help you with your brand marketing, Instagram is one of the most trending social media platform in 2017 to help your company to spread your brand awareness and let the customer keeps updated with your content.

Instagram is a social media platform where you can post a picture and make simple description about your picture, create tags for the people to search to. Other users, who see the picture can click like to your picture and if you get a lot of likes you will get to the trending topic in Instagram. People who likes your posts may be able to follow you and they will see your posts in their newsfeed. In order to get the most out of Instagram, you need to know several tricks to help you brand your market:


Biography is Everything

Its a very good thing if you complete your biography in your page. It lets the user know what is your business is, what you do and what is your product. By using biography, you can post your website and it will be a clickable links that link back to your website. Choose your name carefully, avoid using numbers and underscores as it will look unprofessional.


Share your Moment

Do not just post your promotions or your products. Let the customers see who you are and lets them know that you are not a robot who only posts stuff. Share your moments together with the company to make an impression to the users that you are alive and kicking.


Focus on What People Love To Follow

Instead of posting some products that people not interested, try to figure out on what is trending right now and post similar but with a hint of your product in it. This is much more reliable approach to make your users to come to your profile and click the link that redirects to your website. Instant traffic.


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